Workforce Development

Workforce Development

The Vermont Public Health Institute partners with  the Vermont Department of Health and the New England Public Health Institute to create opportunities for workforce development.  These opportunities include needs assessment, curriculum and workshop development, conference sponsorship, and internships for newly emerging leaders. 

Public Health Roles in Promoting Resiliency

With funding from New England Public Health Training Center, the VT Public Health Institute contracted with the Center for Health and Learning (CHL), to compare various

the four major resiliency frameworks used in Vermont: Building Flourishing Communities, Search Institute Developmental Assets, Strengthening Families, and Youth Thrive. More information on these frameworks is in the full report. A bridge can be built between the recent efforts in Vermont to increase knowledge about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and trauma-informed approaches, with the promotion of resiliency- based approaches in primary and secondary prevention.

CHL then developed and conducted a statewide assessment of the public health workforce to identify current knowledge and experiences of the public health workforce related to primary and secondary prevention strategies that foster resiliency.  Generally, the public health workforce surveyed is knowledgeable and eager to connect resiliency frameworks and strategies, individualized to the role and settings in which they work. Recommendations include three main areas of support: 1) Communication, Collaboration and Planning, 2) Workforce Training, 3) Technical Assistance.

Click here for the full report: VTPHI Resilience_Final_Report_190630

Click here for the Executive Summary: VTPHI Resiliency_Executive_Summary_190630