Improving the Health of all Vermonters

The Vermont Public Health Institute fosters policy innovation, enhances communication, and builds partnerships across sectors, including government agencies, communities, the health care delivery system, media, and academia.

Our Vision:

A healthy and equitable Vermont across all people and communities.


The Vermont Public Health Institute (VtPHI) promotes innovative approaches to health equity through community-based and evidence-informed strategies to improve the health of all Vermonters.

Guiding Principles: The Values We Uphold in Our Work

    1. Include community voice
    2. Honor lived experience
    3. Advocate for social, economic, and environmental justice
    4. Utilize data and evidence-informed practices
    5. Remain curious and open; not afraid to change the status quo
    6. Uphold integrity in processes and practices

Innovation, Communication and Partnership


Founded in 2013, the VtPHI was originally conceived through the collaborative efforts of leaders at the Vermont Public Health Association (VtPHA), University of Vermont College of Medicine, University of Vermont Medical Center Community Health Improvement Program, and the Vermont Department of Health.  In 2022, VtPHI underwent a comprehenive strategic planning process.  Starting in 2023, Health Resources in Action serves as the administrative, operational, and strategic home for VtPHI. VtPHI is a member of the National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI).